How to Unlock Superstars in WWE 2K17

How to Unlock Superstars in WWE 2K17

If you’re looking to unlock superstars in WWE 2K17, you need to be aware of the requirements to unlock each one. Some of the requirements include buying managers, beating other wrestlers in rivalry mode, and defeating other players in MyCAREER mode. These requirements aren’t hard to complete, but they can be confusing at times. To help you through the process, we’ve created this guide.

Requirements To Unlock A Superstar In MyCAREER Mode

Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the sport, it is possible to unlock superstars in WWE 2k17. The game features a huge roster of over 135 playable superstars from the world of pro wrestling, including current superstars and legends. In addition, you can unlock NXT superstars and play in WCW arenas.

In order to unlock a superstar in MyCAREER, you need to complete the following requirements. You must have at least level 3 mic skills. You can do this by selecting a level three ability in the character box. This skill will help you perform promos against rivals. When performing a promo, you will need to choose options that match your face/heel status and appeal to the crowd. For example, if your face is in the heel group, you will want to use a crow-based promo.

The next MyCAREER achievement you need to complete is to move into the World Heavyweight division. This is the next division after the US championship. The World Heavyweight division can be won through rankings and is right before the Royal Rumble. Winning the Royal Rumble puts you on the Road to Wrestlemania. Be sure to be patient and follow the recommended paths to unlock a superstar.

Buying Managers From The Goldberg Pack

One of the new features of WWE 2k17 is the ability to purchase managers. These players can be purchased through MyCAREER. They cost 856,000 VC each. There are a few different ways to buy managers. The first method involves completing the Heyman Guy challenge, which unlocks Paul Heyman as a manager after you win the first championship belt on the main roster. This is very similar to the Hall of Fame goal in last year’s game. Once you complete the challenge, Paul Heyman will offer to be your manager for RAW.

Another option is buying managers from the ‘Goldberg Pack’. You can buy up to three managers for a single Superstar. The first two managers will follow a unique Team Entrance, while the additional managers will perform generic motions. Managers in a team will also use a Wyatt Family-specific Team Entrance, which is a welcome addition.

How To Defeat Other Wrestlers In Rivalry Mode

Defeating other wrestlers in the rivalry mode is key to advancing your career in the game and winning championships. The rivals system is similar to the Career mode in the previous game, but the difference is the focus is on different aspects of the game. The rivalry system will also determine a Superstar’s face or heel status. For example, a wrestler can choose to attack the number one contender for the WWE title if they feel like it.

In rivalry mode, you have to defeat the target while they are in the middle of a promo. If you manage to knock out your opponent during the interview, you’ll gain popularity. However, the victory result is spotty, and the game will inform you that your target is at a low point with you. Once you have beaten your rival, you no longer control the rivalry. You can, however, make yourself available for three slots a week, which will boost your popularity score.

While the rivalry mode isn’t the best mode in WWE 2k17, it is one of the best modes to play. While the game has plenty of great features, it’s also very glitchy. It’s important to play the game in a comfortable environment so that you can maximize your chances of winning the game. You can also use the universe mode to create custom fighters and events.

Defeating Other Wrestlers In MyCAREER Mode

Defeating other wrestlers in WWE 2K17 is a great way to get a new rank and advance your career. There are several ways to do this, but the most rewarding is to beat the top wrestlers in the WWE. Once you have achieved this, you can move on to MyCAREER mode and try to earn a new title.

MyCAREER mode in WWE 2K17 is an optional game mode that lets you play as your favorite Superstar. You can choose a particular Superstar or a tag team. There are also a variety of ways to challenge other wrestlers in MyCAREER mode. You can also challenge other wrestlers’ records to see who has the most points.

Another great feature in MyCAREER mode is the ability to create characters from other games. For example, you can make Chun Li, from Street Fighter, your wrestler. Another awesome feature is the “Here Comes the Pain” segment, which references real WWF/E segments. And if you don’t want to make the match more difficult for other wrestlers, you can choose the cosplay version of Bra & Pants mode.

Defeating Other Wrestlers In Money In The Bank Mode

While WWE 2K17 does add a lot to the game, it also has a few issues to work out. Some of the biggest issues are the lack of new features, as well as the fact that WWE doesn’t give developers a year to make a new game. The good news is that the game still has a lot of fun to offer, and is still worth picking up even if there are some problems.

Defeating other wrestlers in WWE 2K17 requires skill and strategy. While this game is based on a WWE match, it is very different from the game’s normal game mode. The money in the bank mode features a ladder match where one wrestler is on top of another, and the other wrestlers have to rush to knock him off. This adds an authentic feel to the WWE match.

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In addition to the traditional matches, WWE 2K17 also features backstage brawls and fights. Superstars can punch each other during their match in the locker room, the audience stands, and even Stephanie MacMahon’s office. The game also includes seamless transitions between backstage and the arena.

WWE 2K17 also has an additional mode, called “Proving Ground,” which is similar to WWE 2K14’s “Beat the Streak” mode. Defeating other wrestlers in this mode requires the player to use his signature and finisher to win the match. Once he has won the match, he is eligible to progress to the next show.

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