How to Win Wrestling Matches (A Complete Guide)

How to Win Wrestling Matches (A Complete Guide)

There are several key principles that you need to follow if you want to win wrestling matches. First of all, you need to know how to stay in a good stance. You should never stand with your hands by your sides, but keep them out in front to protect your legs. Also, never try to take down your opponent before you have destroyed his or her stance. You must also focus on deep penetration, and never allow your head to drop below your hips.

The Best Way to Win a Wrestling Match


Wrestling takedowns are one of the most difficult skills to master. They require perfect timing and explosive strength. Athletes have to spend a great deal of time on the mats to learn the techniques needed for a takedown. However, there are some tips that you can use to increase your chances of getting a takedown.

First, get into a position where you can secure a takedown. This can be achieved by taking advantage of a two-on-one position. In this situation, your opponent will typically post on the head and avoid attacking your near leg. In this case, you can use their post to your advantage.

A takedown is one of the most effective ways to score points in a match. This technique involves bringing down your opponent and placing his or her body weight on your opponent’s back. When a wrestler achieves a takedown, he or she is awarded two match points. Depending on the style of wrestling, a takedown can be executed with various maneuvers. Some examples of these moves are the double leg drop, single leg sweep, fireman’s carry, arm drag, and pancake.


There are two main points in wrestling: escapes and reversals. Escapes are when you break out from under your opponent, and reversals are when you reverse control of your opponent from below. The former earns one point and the latter two points. You also must keep your opponent from getting back on the mat.

In TNA, reverses are not uncommon. Several reverse battle royals have been held in the past decade, and one was even awarded a Wrestling Observer Award for the worst match of the year! However, these matches were not Money in the Bank matches. They were called “Feast or Fired” battle royals, and the latter was a combination of Money in the Bank and reversals.

Reverses are a type of singles match and were first used in 2006 as part of the Fight for the Right Tournament. A Wrestling Observer Newsletter rated it the “Worst Worked Match of the Year” in 2006. The winner of this tournament received a bye to the finals, and the other competitors were seeded based on their elimination order.


In a wrestling match, you must find a way to escape your opponent. Escapes are points that a wrestler earns during a match. You can do so by escaping from a submission or a kimura, or by breaking free from an opponent’s hold. There are a few different escapes, including the sit-out turn-in, the forward roll, and the stand-up.

One of the most important escapes is the one from the bottom. It requires great hand control, as your opponent can lock onto your hand while you’re on the bottom. You can also do this by staying in good positions or using sit-outs. However, you should remember that controlling one hand alone is not enough to make an escape


In wrestling, hydration is essential for optimum performance. The body is mainly composed of water, and even small amounts of dehydration can negatively affect a wrestler’s performance. In order to maintain optimal hydration levels, wrestlers should drink enough water throughout the day and up to 24 hours before a match. This will allow the wrestler’s body to function optimally and avoid cramping.

In addition to ensuring optimal wrestling performance, hydration is essential for overall health. Research has shown that reduced physiological function is associated with lowered performance. While most studies have examined peak power output and aerobic capacity, a few have examined wrestlers’ performance over the course of an entire competitive season.

During a wrestling competition, athletes should consume one to two cups of water every 15-20 minutes. Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol-containing beverages, as these can promote dehydration. The body should also get enough carbohydrates. Suitable sources of carbohydrates are bread, cereals, fruits, and vegetables. The remaining 20-30% of calories should come from fats. Fats are found in fried foods, peanut butter, and salad dressings.

Penalty Points

If you want to learn how to win wrestling matches with penalty points, you must first understand the rules of wrestling. These rules are based on a wrestler’s ability to control his opponent. Wrestling matches have three (3) periods. Each period is a certain length. If a wrestler gets three or more points in one of these periods, then he wins.

Wrestlers can earn penalty points if they violate rules that are in place in the match. Some rules are no stalling, swearing, scratching, biting, or body slamming. Wrestling matches are also disqualifying if a wrestler makes an illegal hold or uses illegal moves.

Wrestlers can receive penalty points for grabbing the opponent’s uniform. Grabbing his uniform or headgear will result in a penalty. While the punishments for each violation vary, they’re all serious and can cost a wrestler valuable points in the match. To learn how to win wrestling matches with penalty points, you must know the rules of wrestling.

Staying In a Good Stance

A good wrestling stance helps you execute maneuvers better. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your body balanced. Also, make sure your elbows are flexed. Keep your hips low and your back straight. This will keep your opponent from being able to move in and attack you.

A good wrestling stance puts you in the best position to produce explosive power. In most matches, it’s better to be lower than your opponent. A good stance is important for winning matches. A proper stance will help you generate offense and defend effectively. A good stance will also set the stage for an explosive finish.

If you’re not sure which stance is best for you, watch the video below. This will explain some basic wrestling stances and their application. A good wrestling stance can make a big difference in the outcome of a match. A good wrestling stance should allow you to maintain a balanced position.

Avoiding Injuries

Wrestling is a very physical sport, and it can be difficult to avoid injuries. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risk of suffering an injury. For example, make sure you’re practicing good hygiene so that you can avoid common skin infections. Also, make sure you stretch before a match and eat healthy foods. Finally, it’s essential to know your limits.

To avoid injuries, you must wear good quality wrestling gear. You should also wear braces and pads to protect joints. Preseason training is also crucial in preventing hamstring and knee injuries. Wrestlers should eat healthily and stay hydrated, especially those who are young. It is also important for coaches to keep an eye on young wrestlers.

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One of the most common injuries in wrestling is a knee injury. Knee injuries can involve various ligaments. They can range from a meniscus tear to prepatellar bursitis, a type of bursitis that is specific to wrestling. While these injuries are common, you can minimize your risk of developing them by using the right equipment and techniques.

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