Strasbourg Vs Auxerre Basketball Score [Helpful Guide]

Strasbourg Vs Auxerre Basketball Score [Helpful Guide]

Strasbourg is in a desperate battle to keep their Ligue 1 status, and will be hoping they can take advantage of their opponents Auxerre on Sunday. This match will be played at Stade de la Meinau and could well have a pivotal effect on the relegation race.

Strasbourg are averaging ten points from their last two matches against teams placed in the bottom six of Ligue 1. Auxerre are averaging seven points from their last two games against teams from the same group.

SIG Strasbourg vs Auxerre

Strasbourg and Auxerre have both played in a number of leagues before this match, and it will be interesting to see how they perform on the court. Both teams are currently in a relegation battle, and this match is likely to be a close one, so make sure you follow the game with us as we bring you live scores, standings, stats and more!

SIG Strasbourg vs Auxerre will be the 2nd Ligue 1 game between these two teams this season. The first was last week when the hosts got a 2-2 draw against Marseille. During that match, Strasbourg managed to keep a clean sheet in the first half, but the visitors managed to pull away with the score in the second half.

The home team is coming off a 2-2 draw against Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, and they will be looking to take advantage of this opportunity to get back to winning ways. Auxerre on the other hand, are coming off a 3-0 loss to Rennes in their latest game.

Auxerre is a defensively minded team, so they will want to play smart in this game against Strasbourg. They have not allowed a lot of goals this year and are ranked in the top-20 for goals against per 90 minutes.

They are also ranked in the top-20 for save percentage, so they are a good option to watch out for when placing your bets on this game. Their goal differential this season is -26, with 32 goals they have put in the net and 46 they have allowed.

It is not uncommon for Auxerre to lose to a team in the bottom few spots of the league, and this will be their third match against an opponent that is currently in the bottom half of the table. They will be looking to win this game, and we expect them to do so.

Strasbourg have struggled to score goals this season, as they are averaging just 0.86 pts/game at home. They also have a poor scoring average at away matches, as they are averaging just 0.64 pts/game there.

Auxerre vs Strasbourg Betting Odds

When you are betting on a French league match, it is important to know the odds for each team. This can help you make the best decisions on your wagers and give you the most profitable results. For example, if you want to bet on a French league match with a higher chance of winning, you should look at the moneyline odds for the game.

RC Strasbourg Alsace and Association Jeunesse Auxerre are both playing in Ligue 1 this season. Both teams have won two games at home and have lost two away matches. They both are in the bottom half of the standings with three points between them and the relegation zone.

This match will take place at Stade de la Meinau and is expected to end in a draw with the score ending 2-2. Both sides will have a full lineup of players.

The home side has a good record at Stade de la Meinau with them winning 6 of their 8 home games this season. However, they have only picked up 5 points in their last five games away from home.

Auxerre, on the other hand, has only won one game away from home in their past 5 Ligue 1 matches. They have also only scored 1 goal in these 5 outings.

It will be interesting to see how these teams perform against each other this weekend. It is a good idea to check the odds and place your bets before the game starts. You can do this by checking the sportsbook online or by using a mobile app.

The Auxerre vs Strasbourg betting odds are very low for this match because both teams have a history of low scoring games. This will likely continue to happen as both teams are struggling to find their form this season.

AJ Auxerre is in the bottom half of the Ligue 1 standings and has only managed to win four of their 24 games this season. They are also struggling to score goals this year with just 23 goals scored in 27 games.

This is a tough matchup for Auxerre and they are likely to lose this game. Their defense is weak and they are having a difficult time finding the back of the net.

Auxerre has a poor defensive record this year with them having allowed 46 goals in 27 games this season. This is a big concern because they are currently in the relegation zone.

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